Community Driven Research Day. Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016. 9 am- 12 pm


Organization: Center for Injury Research & Prevention, The Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania
Audience & Focus: Any members of academic or community groups (including students) who are interested in community driven research.Community Driven Research Day encourages collaborations between researchers and community based organizations (CBOs) and community groups who have research questions that they are interested in answering, specifically in ways that utilize novel approaches to community health promotion. Through an interactive poster session, CBOs and community groups will highlight their questions to CDRD participants, who will include area non-profits, community groups, public sector partners, and researchers from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, The University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Drexel University, and Thomas Jefferson University. CBOs, community groups, academic researchers, and students will be able to meet and discuss potential, mutually-beneficial collaborations. Location: Jefferson University, Jefferson Alumni Hall (JAH)(Atrium & Auditorium), Locust St. between 10th & 11th Streets
Deadline: Register by Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016
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