Tips for Losing Weight and Keeping it Off

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Tips for Losing Weight and Keeping it Off


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Tips for Creating a Healthy Environment

These tips were used in the Healthy Weigh Study to help participants reach and maintain their weight loss goals in settings like a restaurant or a friend’s house. New tips were sent to participants in a daily email, addressing the different environments they encounter in a day.

The numbers shown next to each tip indicate the ranking of how often it was used by participants, based on which they read and then used in their weight loss journey. This list contains the top ten, most useful tips from the Healthy Weigh study.

Dining Out
Meals at Home/Healthy Eating
Kitchen Changes
At Work
Portion Control
Physical Activity
Shopping Changes

Complete List of Strategies

Here you will find the tips have been grouped by category on a single page, for instance, all of the tips that apply to strategies at home (Meals at Home, Kitchen Changes, and Healthy Eating) are on the page “Changes at Home.” Click each photo to view and download a pdf.