Nutrition Policy

PenNSAM Symposium: Tools and Resources for Human Nutrition Research at Penn and CHOP

This symposium is designed to give our community of investigators and clinicians at Penn and CHOP an update on PenNSAM initiatives and, most importantly, describe how PenNSAM will act as a community resource to facilitate the research of a wide … Read more

Linking a Child’s Environment to Obesity

There is a global childhood obesity epidemic and researchers in the United States are working toward solutions, including prevention. Compared to adults, there has been relatively little research linking a child’s environment to their weight. This report, published in The … Read more

Coming in April!!! PRC Symposium: Accelerating Policies & Research on Food Access, Diet, and Obesity Prevention

              On Friday, April 28th, the University of Pennsylvania Prevention Research Center is hosting a symposium: “Accelerating Policies & Research on Food Access, Diet, and Obesity Prevention.” This one-day interdisciplinary event highlights the most current research … Read more

Healthy Foods Take a Back Seat to Junk Food When It Comes to Marketing: PRC Director Karen Glanz on Knowledge@Wharton

UPenn PRC Director Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH, was interviewed with Penn Professor Jason Riis by Dan Loney on Knowledge@Wharton about how major brand marketing favors junk food over healthy food options in the consumer marketplace.  “Food production companies are in the business … Read more