Health Communications

CPHI Seminar Talk with Holly Auer followed by CPHI Fellow Networking Reception

  Behind the Headlines: How to Make Your Work Stand Out In a crowded marketplace of big healthcare ideas, how can you make your work stand out and make headlines? In this talk, you’ll learn how the media gets ideas, … Read more

PRC C&D Core Director Amy Jordan Presides Over 66th Annual International Communication Conference

  PRC Communication and Dissemination Core Director Amy Jordan presided over the 66th Annual International Communication Association Conference held in Fukuoka Japan from June 9th to 13th.  Her presidential address,  entitled “Digital Media Use and the Experience of Childhood”, argued … Read more

Getting The Word Out: Helping Scientists Engage with The Public

In conjunction with Penn’s 2015-2016 Year of Discovery and the CPHI Seminar Series From Innovation to Dissemination, The Center for Public Health Initiatives and the UPenn PRC present: “Getting The Word Out:  Helping Scientists Engage with the Public” with Maiken Scott … Read more

Whooping Cough On the Rise: How to Improve Caregiver Booster Immunization Rates?

Whooping cough has increased dramatically over the past five years, putting infants at risk of serious illness or death. Most are infected by a caregiver who has not received a Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) booster, so caregiver immunization is … Read more

Best Way to Counteract Harmful Sun Effects Is To Wear Protective Clothing, According to DeAnn Lazovich Co-investigator of UPenn PRC’s Special Interest Project on Skin Cancer Prevention, DeAnn Lazovich, recently stated that the best way to protect yourself from the sun is by wearing clothing. Sunscreen, Lazovich said, should be a last option. People often … Read more

Cholesterol-Reducing Drugs and Memory Impairment: A Case of Detection Bias? Reports on the association between statins and memory impairment are inconsistent.  To assess whether statin users show acute decline in memory compared with nonusers and with users of nonstatin lipid-lowering drugs (LLDs), UPenn PRC researcher Jason Karlawish and colleagues … Read more