David Asch

Innovative Environments in Health Care: Where and How New Approaches Are Succeeding – PRC Researcher David Asch

In the March issue of Health Affairs, UPenn PRC Researcher David Asch, MD, MBA, David W. Bates, MD, MSc, Brigham and Women’s, and Aziz Sheikh, MD, University of Edinburgh,  examine innovation practices at five large academic medical centers: the Cleveland and Mayo … Read more

Does Competition Positively Impact Physical Activity? : PRC Researchers Kevin Volpp and David Asch

PRC Director Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, and PRC Researcher David Asch, MD, MBA, compare the effectiveness of different combinations of social comparison feedback and financial incentives to increase physical activity in a study in the July/August issue of the American … Read more

AcademyHealth Article-of-the-Year Award: PRC Director Kevin Volpp and PRC Researcher David Asch

PRC Director Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, and PRC Researcher David Asch, MD, MBA, were recognized for their significant contribution to the fields of health services research and health policy with the AcademyHealth Article-of-the-Year Award. Volpp, MD, PhD, is the founding … Read more

One Year After Disneyland: Buttenheim & Asch on Leveraging Behavioral Insights to Promote Vaccine Acceptance

In a JAMA Pediatrics Viewpoint, UPenn PRC Researchers Alison Buttenheim, PhD, and David Asch, MD, look at the 2014 Disney measles outbreak and what it showed about the effect of vaccination refusal on disease risk. Since the outbreak, parents continue … Read more

Preliminary Data Show that Electronic Pill Bottles Help People Remember to Take Their Medication

https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/researchers-are-trying-again-to-help-you-take-your-medicine/2015/09/05/6f26d896-525d-11e5-9812-92d5948a40f8_story.html An ongoing project headed up by the PRC’s Kevin Volpp and David Asch was cited in a Washington Post article about how behavioral economics can be an effective strategy for increasing medication adherence.  Researchers gave 1,000 patients with heart … Read more