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Scarcity of Alzheimer’s Doctors Harms Patients and Wastes Resources – Jason Karlawish, MD

In the February 9, 2017 issue of Forbes, PRC Researcher Jason Karlawish, MD, says the lack of qualified Alzheimer’s doctors is a significant problem in US healthcare.  “We need doctors to care for the millions of people who are losing their capacity … Read more

Cholesterol-Reducing Drugs and Memory Impairment: A Case of Detection Bias? Reports on the association between statins and memory impairment are inconsistent.  To assess whether statin users show acute decline in memory compared with nonusers and with users of nonstatin lipid-lowering drugs (LLDs), UPenn PRC researcher Jason Karlawish and colleagues … Read more

Healthy Mind, Healthy Wallet – Financial Wellness Fair for Seniors

On Monday, June 15, 2015, the Philadelphia Financial Exploitation Prevention Task Force with the Penn Memory Center presented Healthy Mind, Healthy Wallet:  A Financial Wellness Fair at the First Corinthian Baptist Church, 5101 Pine St. Philadelphia, PA Pastor Dennis E. … Read more

Protecting the Elderly from Fraud and Financial Exploitation

At a conference sponsored by the Institute on Aging and Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Jason Karlawish talked about the changes in brain function which make it more difficult for seniors to … Read more

Knowing Risk of Alzheimer’s Has Implications Research suggest a blood test for identifying the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease is on the horizon. Jason Karlawish, PRC SIP Investigator, says knowing one’s risk is a help in planning for the future.  A larger issue may be … Read more