Melanie Wakefield, PhD

Melanie Wakefield, PhD, is a Consultant on the UPenn PRC Skin Cancer Communication Project. She is the Director of The Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer of the Cancer Council of Victoria, Australia. Her centre conducts applied behavioral research to guide the development and evaluation of population-focused cancer prevention programs, including mass media campaigns in tobacco control, skin cancer prevention, obesity prevention and to promote cancer screening. Her research centre is closely integrated with Cancer Council Victoria programs that develop and deliver mass media campaigns, including the well-known Australian Quit and SunSmart campaigns, and it provides advice and input into cancer prevention policies and media campaigns to governments at state, national and international levels.

At IHRP, she was the principal investigator of Youth Smoking and the Media, a research project funded by the National Cancer Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, from 2000 to 2006. Dr. Wakefield is also a Principal Research Fellow of the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council. She has published around 200 peer-reviewed journal papers, including experimental studies of advertising exposure and population survey studies to assess campaign effects on population-wide smoking behavior. She received a BA, MA, and PhD in Applied Psychology from the University of Adelaide.

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