Linda Jacobs, PhD, MS, Co-Investigator; Self-Management Education for Childhood Cancer Survivors

Linda Jacobs, PhD, MS, is Co-Investigator on the UPenn PRC Self-Management for Childhood Cancer Survivors Project. Dr. Jacobs is the founding Director of the Cancer Survivorship Center of Excellence at Penn, one of the Centers of Excellence funded in seven Comprehensive Cancer Centers around the country.

A clinician and researcher examining the co-morbidities experienced by survivors as a result of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Jacob’s research interests focus on cardiovascular, reproductive, endocrine, quality of life, and other long-term and late effects of cancer treatment, clinical and genetic risk assessment, treatment summaries and survivorship care plans, and health behavior modification. Her work with young adult cancer survivors includes a clinical program and database for this population and collaborations with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on a number of clinical and research initiatives.

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