DeAnn Lazovich, Co-Investigator; Skin Cancer Communication Project

DeAnn Lazovich, PhD, MPH, is Co-Investigator on the UPenn PRC Skin Cancer Communication Project. Dr. Lazovich is Associate Professor and Program Director of Graduate Studies in Epidemiology & Community Health at the University of Minnesota. A cancer epidemiologist, Dr. Lazovich has a longstanding interest in cancer prevention and control research. She has been principal investigator or co-investigator on intervention, cohort, and case-control studies to investigate strategies to change cancer-related risk factors, or to assess factors associated with cancer development or survivorship. Dr. Lazovich has conducted extensive research on indoor tanning and melanoma since 2000. Her research on the relationship between indoor tanning and melanoma established that modern day tanning increases melanoma risk by 74%, risk increases 2.5-3 times with frequent use, and no type of tanning device is safe. Her work has been widely cited and used to support policy initiatives nationally and internationally.

Dr. Lazovich's other contributions include measurement of non-solar ultraviolet radiation, identification of factors associated with adolescent and adult indoor tanning use, environmental health practices in relation to indoor tanning regulations, indoor tanning business adherence to state laws regarding minor access, and development of an intervention to prevent adolescent use of indoor tanning. Lastly, she was the lead author of an invited commentary on what needs to be done to increase sun protection and decrease skin cancer among U.S. adults. In addition to her skin cancer research, Dr. Lazovich is also Principal Investigator of the Iowa Women’s Health Study (IWHS), a study, a prospective cohort study that has examined risk factors for cancer among older women since 1986. Her area of interest specific to the IWHS concerns cancer survivorship questions, including examination of quality of life among cancer survivors relative to women without cancer.