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The UPenn PRC is a catalyst for research in chronic disease prevention and a leader in advancing the science and practice of prevention research. Along with our ongoing studies in cancer prevention, cognitive health, and new strategies for weight loss, we’re researching adolescent and young adult survivors of childhood cancers, the economic impact of clinical trials, and a Penn-community partnership, the Philadelphia Health Leadership Institute.  We invite you to learn more about these projects and our dedicated investigators and staff on this website.

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  • What is the field of evaluation studies?
    A typical example is work I did in Laos with the World Bank. We wanted to know: does feeding kids during the school day vs. sending them home with food rations make them healthier and do better in school? In evaluation studies, we look at "Did it work?" Finding a causal relationship can be tricky so we try to think of creative and rigorous ways of answering the "Did it work? How did it work? Why did it work?” questions.