Taking more than one precaution to prevent skin cancer


Compensation Behaviors and Skin Cancer Prevention
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, EPub ahead of print, October 19, 2018
Amy Bleakley, DeAnn Lazovich, Amy B. Jordan, Karen Glanz


You’ve heard the message to wear sunscreen or wear protective clothing to prevent skin cancer, but what does it take to get you to use both in one outing? Researchers at Penn looked at those healthy measures and more and found that factors such as age, positive body image, employment, education and gender have an impact on preventative strategies.

Non-hispanic, white adults from different age groups and regions in the United States were surveyed about scenarios where you would spend time in the sun. For instance, if you went for a run on a warm day, would you wear sunscreen and a shirt to cover your skin? The authors of the study found that it was rare that someone would take more than one measure to protect themselves from skin cancer, but if they did, they tended to be older. Since many believe that a tan looks “healthy,” they don’t try very hard to stay out of the sun. When crafting effective health messages to prevent skin cancer, you can target an audience by taking these factors into account.

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