Community Health

The Intersection of Community, Academia, and Grantmaking

This Community Scholars symposium offers exposure to developing, pitching, and sustaining innovative project ideas that utilize community-academic partnerships. Participants will: Gain insights into the approaches of developing and sustaining successful community academic partnerships. Learn from grantmakers, community organizations, and researchers … Read more

Research Readiness Day 2018

Research Readiness Day (RRD) is designed as a complement to CDRD to prepare participants to develop community-academic partnerships. RRD is a technical assistance event for groups interested in learning the skills to develop and pitch their research ideas to academic … Read more

Community Driven Research Day

Community-Driven Research Day (CDRD) encourages collaboration between researchers and community-based organizations (CBOs)/community groups who have research questions that they are interested in answering, specifically in ways that address local solutions to health challenges. Through an interactive poster session, CBOs and … Read more

The Impact of Community Health Workers – Webinar

The Impact of Community Health Workers Webinar sponsored by the American Hospital Association’s Hospitals in Pursuit Of Excellence Though health care professionals at hospitals work tirelessly to help patients get and stay healthy, some patients struggle with real-life challenges, such … Read more

Philadelphia Public Health Grand Rounds “Poverty & Public Health: Addressing the Causes and Consequences”

  The College of Physicians of Philadelphia present Philadelphia Public Health Grand Rounds Poverty & Public Health: Addressing the Causes and Consequences Speakers: Natalie Levkovich, Executive Director, Health Federation of Philadelphia Mitch Little, MS, Director, Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Community … Read more

Taking Action To Increase Physical Activity: Community-Academic Partnerships

                The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and Netter Center for Community Partnerships, the School District of Philadelphia, and Community Organizations are working together to promote inter-generational physical activity in West Philadelphia. … Read more