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Two-Year Changes in Child Weight Status, Diet, and Activity by Neighborhood Nutrition and Physical Activity Environment
The Obesity Society (Editor’s Choice), August 7, 2018
Brian E. Saelens, PhD, Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH, Lawrence D. Frank, PhD, Sarah C. Couch, PhD, RD, Chuan Zhou, PhD, Trina Colburn, PhD, and James F. Sallis, PhD
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Frequent Indoor Tanners’ Beliefs About Indoor Tanning and Cessation
American Journal of Health Promotion, Epub ahead of print, July 4, 2018
Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH, Amy Jordan, PhD, DeAnn Lazovich, PhD, and Amy Bleakley, PhD, MPH
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Evaluating Healthy Vending Policies for Youth in Four Cities
Healthy Eating Research, May 2018
Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH; Julie Bromberg, MHS; Yasaman Mirafzali; Sarah Green, MPH
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Why Effective Interventions Do Not Work for All Patients: Exploring Variation in Response to a Chronic Disease Management Intervention.
Medical Care, August 2018, Vol. 56, Issue 8, pg. 719-726
Merritt Edlind; Nandita Mitra; David Grande; Frances K. Barg; Tamala Carter; Lindsey Turr; Karen Glanz; Judith A. Long; Shreya Kangovi
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A Randomized Controlled Trial of Opt-in Versus Opt-Out Colorectal Cancer Screening Outreach.
American Journal of Gastroenterology, June 21, 2018
Shivan J. Mehta MD, MBA, MSHP, Tanya Khan MD, Carmen Guerra MD, MSCE, Catherine Reitz MPH, Timothy McAuliffe BA, Kevin G. Volpp MD, PhD, David A. Asch MD, MBA & Chyke A. Doubeni MD, MPH
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Relationships Between Cognitive Complaints and Quality of Life in Older Adults With Mild Cognitive Impairment, Mild Alzheimer Disease Dementia, and Normal Cognition.A Randomized Controlled Trial of Opt-in Versus Opt-Out Colorectal Cancer Screening Outreach.
Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders. Epub ahead of print. June 25, 2018
Stites, Shana D., PsyD, MS, MA; Harkins, Kristin, MPH; Rubright, Jonathan D., PhD; Karlawish, Jason, MD.
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*A national survey of young women’s beliefs about quitting indoor tanning: implications for health communication messages 
Translational Behavioral Medicine, Published: March 15, 2018, ibx007
Amy Bleakley, Amy Jordan, Morgan E Ellithorpe, DeAnn Lazovich, Sara Grossman, Karen Glanz.
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The relations between sleep, time of physical activity and time outdoors among older adult women.
PLOS One, 12(9): e1082013, 2017.
Murray K, Godbole S, Natarajan L, Full K, Hipp JA, Glanz K, Mitchell J, Laden F, James P, Quante M, Kerr J.
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Where Urban Residents Shop for Produce
Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 4(4), 129-141, 2014
Karpyn, A, Tappe, K, Hillier, A, Cannuscio, C.C., Koprak, J., & Glanz, K.
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The social dynamics of healthy food shopping and store choice in an urban environment.
Social Science and Medicine,(122), 13-20. 2014
Cannuscio C.C., Hillier, A, Karpyn, A., & Glanz, K.
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In an urban neighborhood, who is physically active and where?
Women and Health, 54(3), 194-211. 2014
Hillier, A., Tappe, K., Cannuscio, C.C., Karpyn, A., & Glanz, K.
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Is participation contagious? Evidence from a household vector control campaign in urban Peru.
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 68(2), 103–109. 2014
Buttenheim, A. M., Paz-Soldan, V., Barbu, C., Skovira, C., Calderón, J. Q., Riveros, L. M. M., … Levy, M. Z.
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The influence of rural home and neighborhood environments on healthy eating, physical activity, and weight.
Prevention Science, 15(1), 1-11. 2014
Kegler M.C., Swan D.W., Alcantara I., Feldman L., & Glanz K.
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