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Year in Review

2017 marked our 3rd year as a Prevention Research Center funded by the CDC. We look forward to new and continued collaborations across Penn, the Philadelphia area, and the PRC Network in 2018!

PIK Seminar on Health Disparities

On November 29, 2017, three of University of Pennsylvania’s distinguished professors presented their collaboration on Health Disparities in the second PIK seminar. Penn Integrates Knowledge (PIK) is a program where the hand-picked professors collaborate and “bring knowledge together across disciplines … Read more

Viewpoint Op Ed: Don’t let a single diagnosis define the patient

In the November 6 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Karen Glanz shares her father’s experience with health care and offers ideas on how we handle patients and their diagnosis in the future. While shared and electronic medical records have many benefits, … Read more

Community Scholars In-Residence 2017-2018

Congratulations to our Community Scholars In-Residence for 2017-2018, Akin Oyalowo, M.D., Joseph Benci Ph.D., MPH and Yujue Wang, M.D., Ph.D.! Through this program— • Scholars develop relationships with a community research partner of their choosing, identify research opportunities, and co-develop … Read more

Social Media and Hepatitis B Awareness

Assessing the Potential for Using Social Media to Increase Hepatitis B Awareness in Philadelphia ABSTRACT While screening for hepatitis B (HBV) among high-risk young adults is critical for preventing retransmission and receiving earlier treatment, few studies have been focused on … Read more

AUDIO: Knowledge@Wharton:Kevin Volpp on How Behavioral Economics Could Solve America’s Health Care Woes

UPenn PRC Director Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, appeared on Knowledge@Wharton with Dan Loney to discuss health care reform and how behavioral economics help explain the challenges of insuring the largest number of people possible. Dr. Volpp and Dartmouth professor Jonathan Skinner addressed these issues in a JAMA … Read more